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Ultra Zig Zag 110mm

Ultra Zig Zag 110mm
Ultra Zig Zag 110mm
Kinetic - Tournament Grade wobbler

Avansert leddet wobbler fra kinetic. Tournament Grade er topp utgaven - vi har den til garantert laveste pris!

  • 110mm
  • 14g floating
  • Sylskarpe WMC kroker
  • farge: GreenTiger

  • - born with a high tech design and engineering. Unique and incredible action. Move like a real swimming fish. It is extremlt versatile in usage from fish ponds to big rivers, from beach to ocean. A great type of lure for all types of freshwater and saltwater fishing.
  • WMC hooks for more powerfull hooking and holding capabilities
  • Epoxy-moulded 3d eyes gives the lure a more active and real life action.
  • UV coated surface is endurable under tough fishing conditions.
  • Hologram reflection on the body attracts fish more effecently.
  • Advanced weeight moving system for longer casting and balance.
  • Tank & field tested action
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