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Sett med populære og gode fluer.

Brand: Fulling Mill Model: FM2654
Daddies Mini Selection, Fulling Mill Real Daddy #10 Real Daddy #12 Dads Natural size #10 Daddy Longlegs #12 Designed to take the guesswork out of Fly Fishing, all Fulling Mill fly selections are assembled using the most popular and effective flies from our huge range of patterns. ..
56,50kr Esk. Mva:45,20kr
Fulling Mill, Klinkhammer Selection
Brand: Fulling Mill Model: FM1645
Fulling Mill, Klinkhammer selection Utmerket samling av klinkhammer fluer fra Fulling Mill. Her finner du grantert den klinkhammeren du trenger.These flies seem to draw fish up even when there are no fish rising, great on both river and stillwater situations.Klinkhammer Adams Grey K..
99,00kr Esk. Mva:79,20kr
Brand: Fulling Mill Model: FM1641
Fulling Mill, Sedges Selection These work even when there are no Caddis flies about. When there is a hatch on, watch out! Grey Elkwing (x2) Tan Elkwing (x2) Europa 12 Goddard Amber Sedge Goddard Natural Sedge Red Sedge Walker's Sedge. ..
92,00kr Esk. Mva:73,60kr
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